Solace Hospice in Poplarville

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A family owned business has established a location in Poplarville to meet the community’s hospice needs.

Solace Hospice was established when Carley Davis and some of his family took advantage of a temporary lift on a Mississippi moratorium that prevented the establishment of new hospice businesses. Davis said that Solace Hospice was one of five established as part of the temporary lift. Prior to establishing the business in Poplarville, he and most of his staff worked for another hospice business operated by his extended family in Louisiana, which is still in operation.

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Davis said he wanted to start Solace Hospice in Poplarville so he could bring the service to the town where he was born and raised.

To Davis, hospice should be a medical service that is not only devoid of the cookie cutter business models of so many corporate owned hospice providers, but also employs local people.

“All of our staff are family or like family,” Davis said.

His entire staff has extensive experience in dealing with the unique situations hospice care entails.

Davis said that there is a common misconception that hospice care has to take place in a facility. While his staff does provide care for patients in their final stages of life at hospitals, such as the Pearl River County Hospital and Nursing Home and other local nursing homes, they are also equipped to provide that care at people’s homes. Davis feels that family members shouldn’t have to drive long distances to see their loved one, especially when hospice care can be provided at home, or at a facility close to home.

Their services go beyond making the patient comfortable against pain. Davis said the staff at Solace Hospice is equipped to provide a level of spiritual comfort while also putting their minds at ease by helping put affairs in order.

A social worker is also on staff to help patients find ways to address financial needs associated with hospice, and other staff are versed in helping families tie up loose ends with a will.

Another benefit of employing local people is that they can respond to emergencies quickly at any time during the day or night. That means, while the office has operating hours, his staff is on call 24 hours a day. Davis said all calls are forwarded to he and his staff when the office is closed.

“The focus here is care over profit,” Davis said.

If someone suspects their family member needs hospice care, Davis said they should not wait until the last minute. Plans should be established six months before it’s needed, if at all possible. His staff can help families determine if they need hospice care for their loved one over the phone or in person. Most of the time, hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid or through insurance providers.

And for those without insurance, Solace Hospice recently started a non-profit organization to raise funding that will ensure they can receive the care they need.

“We don’t want to deny treatment regardless of their ability to pay,” Davis said.

The business currently employs a dozen people full time, and Davis expects that number to grow.

Solace Hospice is located at 215 Highway 26 E., Suite A, in Poplarville and can be reached by calling 601-403-9822.