City Delegation to Visit D.C. to Secure Funding for Key Infrastructure Projects

Published 1:25 pm Friday, October 27, 2023

A delegation from the city, including Larry Breland, Lynn Bumpers, Jan Stevens, Mayor Jim Luke, Sid Albritton, and Lisa Albritton, will be in Washington, D.C., from November 13 to November 15 to continue their efforts to secure federal funding for critical infrastructure projects. The trip serves as a follow-up to the city’s earlier visit in March and focuses on the urgent project, the I-59 North Frontage Road.

The primary objective of this visit is to secure funding for the I-59 North Frontage Road, which will connect Sycamore Road with Memorial Blvd. This service road will run adjacent to the northbound lane, improving transportation and connectivity in the area.

Currently, funding for the project is included in both House and Senate bills, and the city is seeking a federal grant of $3.4 million. The city has already secured $850,000 in funding from the State of Mississippi.

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In addition to federal funding, the city is exploring alternative sources of financial support. The city will apply for a $2.240 million grant from the Gulf Coast Restoration Fund, which will be dedicated to installing utility lines for the road and its surroundings. Furthermore, they will seek an additional $500,000 from the Southeast Crescent Regional Commission to aid in the development of intersections connected to the road.

The City Clerk, Sid Albritton, expressed optimism regarding the funding, stating, “With everything going on right now, we should know something regarding the funding by spring.”

The delegation also plans to request assistance from the Army Corps of Engineers to address flooding issues in the city’s southern area, specifically related to the Alligator Branch. This collaborative effort aims to mitigate flood-related challenges.

Once funding is secured and construction begins, the plan is to work on the I-59 North Frontage Road from both the southern and northern ends, ultimately meeting in the middle where a bridge will be constructed to cross Boley Creek. This infrastructure development will facilitate the swift entry of commercial buildings and businesses, promoting economic growth in the region.

During their visit to Washington, D.C., the city’s representatives will meet with senators, members of Congress, and their staff to advocate for the funding necessary to advance these vital infrastructure projects. The successful realization of these projects will significantly impact the city’s growth and development, benefiting residents and businesses alike.