Aldi coming to Picayune

Published 4:11 pm Monday, June 28, 2021

Picayune is expected to get a new grocery store in the near future and that chain has a unique way of doing business.

The announcement of the chain coming to Picayune was made during Friday’s Greater Picayune Area Chamber of Commerce Coffee with the Mayor elect.

Code Enforcement Officer Tom Milar was asked by mayor elect Jim Luke to make the announcement.

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Milar said that the name of the grocery store is Aldi, and is expected to bring more jobs to the area with an annual salary of about $29,000. It’s unclear how many jobs are available.

A search of the website shows applications are being accepted now.

Milar said the company secured a lot between the McDonalds located on Memorial Boulevard and the northbound on ramp to Interstate 59. He added that access to the lot is expected to be established along the road between McDonalds and Walgreens, but that is not set in stone. A timeline for construction and a grand opening of the business was not available by press time.

Pearl River County residents may find the way Aldi operates to be unique.

A visit to the company’s FAQ page can shed a little light on what differentiates the company from stores currently operating in Picayune. On the company’s website, Aldi states these unique business practices help provide the lowest prices on its store branded items, which the company states taste as good or better than national brands.

First, if a shopper needs a cart, they should be sure to have a quarter in their pocket to “rent” one. The quarter is used to unlock a device connected to the cart. When the cart is returned and locked to the device, the quarter is returned. This way of doing things ensures the company does not need to employ someone to collect carts from the parking lot.

Customers should also prepare to bring their own bags, since plastic bags are not offered at checkout. Aldi said this is one of several cost saving measures and cuts down on waste.

Another unique aspect of Aldi’s business model is called “Aldi Finds,” which are food and non-food products that cycle in and out of inventory within two weeks. Those items might include “small kitchen appliances and seasonal items to outdoor furniture and gardening tools,” according to the company’s website.

Additionally 90 percent of the stock in an Aldi grocery store is the company’s own brand. Another unique aspect of the grocery chain is the “Twice as Nice guarantee,” which states that if a customer is dissatisfied with a product, they can get a refund for that product and a replacement at the same time.

For more on the way Aldi operates, visit the website at