Maps, PPE and paving discussed by Council

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Maps outlining the location and other aspects of utility lines in the city of Picayune will soon be updated and converted for use in a more modern computer system, while the City Council also approved applying for grant funding to help cover the cost of personal protection equipment.
One of the matters discussed during the Aug. 4 meeting concerned applying for a grant that will help pay for personal protection equipment in relation to the ongoing pandemic.
Grant Administrator Christy Goss said the $10,000 grant from the Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding/Law Enforcement Block Grant will help cover the cost of hand sanitizer, plastic shields and other protective gear for use by Picayune Police Department Personnel.
During discussion of the matter, Goss was asked if other grant applications are in the works. City Clerk Amber Hinton said that city personnel are in the process of applying for grant funding from FEMA to help cover the costs of cleaning city buildings. The portion FEMA won’t cover will hopefully be covered by state funding. Additional information on those grant applications is expected to be available by the next Council meeting this month. The Council approved a motion to apply for the grant for PPE.
In a separate matter, Jonathan Hickman with Dungan Engineering updated the Council concerning the status of installing sidewalks along Highland Parkway. He said the pandemic has slowed the project, pushing it back to June of 2021 when he anticipates funding will be available. The original plan was to complete that construction this year. Hickman said he expects the cost to conduct the project to remain the same despite the delay.
Maps in the city that outline the location and other details of utility lines will soon be more concise. During the meeting, Hickman asked the Council to approve a contract between the city and Dungan Engineering to update those maps as repairs or new projects are completed at a monthly expense not to exceed $2,500.
Public Works Director Eric Morris said he requested Dungan Engineering provide that service to the city to ensure the city had the most up to date maps. The current maps are outdated, and at times are inaccurate. Morris said this ongoing project will update the maps as lines are located or repaired. The process will also move the current files to the more modern GIS mapping system, which will not only give city personnel a 3D map of utility lines, but also provide real time updates and access. Morris said he also hopes to be able to purchase equipment for his personnel so they can input GPS coordinates of utility lines to update the maps. That system will provide the city with maps that are accurate up to three feet.
In relation to the city’s planned paving project, Hickman said he hopes crews will start work on that project by the end of the month. The plan is to send crews to areas that are not undergoing water or sewer repairs to ensure that the least amount of cutouts to the new asphalt are needed in the future.
In other business the Council approved a motion to appoint a new member to the Picayune Housing Authority Board of Commissioners to replace Ralph Rowell, who resigned from the position.
During that meeting, Councilor Wayne Gouguet made a motion to appoint Guy Davis, which was approved unanimously.
The next Council meeting will be Aug. 18 at 5 p.m.

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