Sidewalks growing in Picayune

Published 7:00 am Saturday, May 9, 2020

The number of sidewalks within the city of Picayune is growing, and some existing sidewalks will receive repairs.
Public Works Director Eric Morris said some sidewalks were recently completed near the new parking lot built as part of a Mississippi Power grant. The funds were provided by Mississippi Power to Picayune Main Street Inc., who in turn provided them to the city of Picayune to build the parking lot. Morris said that since construction of the parking lot came in under budget, sidewalks were added to the project. Savings in the project were achieved in part because city employees did as much of the work as possible before a concrete contractor installed the actual sidewalks.
Some funding from that grant remains, so Morris said other projects will be conducted with that funding as those options are ironed out.
In relation to sidewalks near schools, Morris said a new sidewalk was recently constructed along the south end of Gilcrease Avenue near Roseland Park Elementary. At the north end of that road, city crews are planning to repair the existing sidewalk.
Repairs are also being assessed near Picayune Memorial High School, Picayune Junior High, the Alternative School, West Side Elementary and South Side Elementary. An assessment of the labor and cost to conduct those repairs was recently completed. Work will be funded through the general budget.
Morris added that the repairs at the north end of Gilcrease are a priority.
Along Davis Street, work to prepare the installation of a sidewalk connecting to Bruce Street has already begun. That project will be funded through the West Side Funds.

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