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Teachers reunite with students via drive-thru

Students of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School got a chance to see their teachers Thursday as part of a drive-thru event at the school.
The event was also an opportunity for the children to meet their new principal, Jenny Seymour, who comes from the Bay-Waveland School District.
Since the children have been participating in distance learning as part of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers have been unable to see the students face to face. To prepare for Thursday’s drive-thru, the teachers set up a booth and passed out small trinkets or held signs displaying their admiration for the students. As the vehicles made it to the end of the event, they got a chance to meet Seymour, who also handed them a bag with several items, including a prayer card.
Planning for the event started a week prior, and Seymour said the teachers were excited to see the children again.