We need more recycling programs, not less

Published 7:00 am Saturday, May 25, 2019

Earlier this week, a representative of the company that picks up the city’s trash petitioned the City Council for a rate increase to help offset losses he was dealing with from providing a recycling program.

The problem is there seems to be a rising cost associated with providing that service, in part due to some policy changes taking place on the national level, he said.

He suggested two alternatives, increase the rate for each household, or stop providing a recycling service. The second option should not even be considered.

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That’s because Pearl River County already has a lack of proper recycling services. Sure, the previously mentioned company will pick up most cardboard, some plastics and your aluminum cans. Most of those items can actually generate revenue, especially the aluminum.

But we still don’t have a method to recycle our old bottles, electronics and other materials that should be reused instead of thrown in the local dump.

Not more than 100 years ago, there was no such thing as a disposable spoon, fork or styrofoam food container.

Today, many people can barely imagine a life without a plastic straw for their drink during lunch at a local restaurant.

But there is public interest in expanding recycling services, especially to areas outside our two municipalities. A survey conducted by our local Civic Woman’s Club shows that of the close to 100 respondents, more than 90 want more access to a recycling program. And a majority (75 percent) of those people are willing to bring those items to a disposal site if they had to. Central Landfill in Millard seems a likely place.

By providing a place to bring materials that can be recycled, we will not only ensure plastic straws always come with our orders, it might just give people a reason to stop throwing their trash on the roadside dirtying up our beautiful corner of Mississippi.