Bounds receives award for design

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Once a week for a year, local interior designer Nancy Bounds met with a Mandeville, La. couple to help them create an interior within their ranch-style home that not only suited their needs, but spoke to them as individuals.

The project turned out so well that when she submitted it to the American Society of Interior Designers South Central for consideration of an award, she won the Gold Large Residence Award and the prestigious Residential Ovation Award in April of this year.

“It’s just a great honor to have received that award,” said Bounds, owner of NB Interiors.

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The couple in the home had some previous belongings they wanted to incorporate into the decoration, and with advice from Bounds, the interior not only put those items to use, the design garnered compliments from visitors of the home.

Her goal was to use contemporary items that would also bring a modern touch to their home. Since the home has a mix of traditional lines and modern touches, she found pieces of art and furniture that not only added texture, but beauty to each room.

The project entailed about $70,000 in furniture and $20,000 in art purchases.

Less noticeable touches include tree of life curtains in the bedroom paired with black-out curtains. Through the use of a motorized system, the occupants can draw just the blackout curtains when they want to darken the room, or leave them open so light can filter through the semi-transparent tree of life curtains. She also paired contemporary and modern styles with the bed and several other aspects in the master bedroom for one very important reason.

“I really care about what people see from the bed because it’s what you see when you go to sleep and what you see when you wake up,” Bounds said.

Other improvements included upgrading the lighting in the home. Through the use of specialized LED bulbs, she was able to make what was a dark home more inviting by providing the whitest and crispest light that will enhances the colors and textures of the decor. Tone on tone paint used on the walls ensures the furniture is the focal point of each room, instead of the walls.

While a lot of new furniture was purchased to decorate the home, a number of items previously owned by the couple were integrated into the decor with the simple use of custom-made slip covers to not only unify them in the color scheme, but give them new life.

Getting to the final step takes a lot of planning and research. Bounds said that when she is working with a client, she will create digital finish boards that position the various pieces of proposed furniture and art as they would be seen in a room. Color schemes are important, so a blot of paint the same color as that proposed for each room is included.

Bounds said that process helps the customer see what the finished product will look like before anything is purchased. 

“Design is approachable, it costs less than you think and it will save you more than you realize,” Bounds said.

Bounds can be reached by calling 601-215-4496. Visit her website at