Poplarville man reports unknown people got in his car, asked for a ride

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Two people unexpectedly got into a man’s vehicle while he was waiting on his mother at the College Square shopping center in Poplarville.

Capt. Al Tynes with the Poplarville Police Department said officers got a call of the suspicious people at 5:42 p.m. Sunday. Officers arrived to speak with the man, who said that while he was waiting for his mother to pull up to the shopping center in her own vehicle to pump gas, a black man and black woman got into his vehicle and said their vehicle was inoperable.

At about that time, the man’s mother arrived at her son’s vehicle, and the two suspicious people exited his vehicle, Tynes said.

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Tynes said nothing was reported as taken from the man’s vehicle and no one was injured.

It’s unclear if the man asked the two people to exit his vehicle.

According to a post on social media by a user claiming to be related to the victim, the two suspicious people claimed to need a ride to their vehicle, and when the mother of the man whose car they entered confronted them about the vagueness of their story, that is when the suspicious people exited the man’s vehicle and left the area.

Tynes said the incident is still under investigation to identify the man and woman.

He suggests that if someone enters a vehicle without invitation, to call for help or call 911. Tynes also advised residents to be on the look out for suspicious activity when pumping gas, or entering a store.

“Do your best to not let them stay in our vehicle,” Tynes said.

Tynes did say that incidents like the one reported on Sunday are rare in Poplarville.