Playground dedicated at HCA

Published 7:00 am Saturday, October 20, 2018

Spending time on the playground does more for children than just provide exercise; it’s how children learn how to deal with the variety of personalities in the world.

That was part of the message Dr. Jeremy Williams, head of school for Heritage Christian Academy, shared with the group that gathered at the school’s newest addition, its playground complete with brand new equipment.

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The playground was donated by Seth, Chrissy and Lizzie Williams in memory of Edison M. Williams Jr., who was also Jeremy Williams’ father.

Jeremy Williams started his remarks with a lesson he learned in grade school concerning the value of a dollar. He said that the lesson was “a dollar is only worth what a person can get for it.” But things other than material possessions can be purchased with money.

“The smiles on the faces of these children is money well spent,” Jeremy Williams said.

And the children will get more than just exercise and smiles from the playground equipment. They will learn interpersonal skills such as how to deal with someone who may push them down, and eventually take those lessons and build on them as they learn to become part of their community, no matter where that may be in the world, he said.

Jeremy Williams said he is proud the playground is dedicated to his father’s memory, because his father was someone he looked up to due to his practicality, integrity, honesty, perseverance and his physical and mental strength.

Another addition is planned for the school in the construction of a new wing to add more grades to the growing school. Jeremy Williams said that work will begin next week.