Net Neutrality is dead, will you notice?

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, June 12, 2018

As of Monday morning, a piece of legislation enacted under the previous presidential administration was rolled back. Net Neutrality is now a thing of the past; at least for now.

Not everyone will care. And hopefully none of us will see a change.

Net Neutrality was created to ensure that the Internet was treated like a utility, and that everyone had equal access to all legal websites and services. To clarify, it ensured we all had access to not just the Internet, but that one website, service or provider would not receive preferential treatment in the form of faster connection speeds by paying more money.

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As an example, say you use Google to search for something, as opposed to Yahoo. If Yahoo was paying your Internet service provider a fee so it’s search engine worked faster, using Google would become a thing of the past.

Additionally, opponents to the FCC’s decision to rescind Net Neutrality fear that we will be charged more for services we already receive. An example would be having to pay your ISP extra to have access to your favorite social media site, or the ability to access it faster.

Advocates for dropping the law say that ISPs didn’t throttle access to certain sites before Net Neutrality was put in place, so why would they start now?

Personally, I hope they are right. But I fear they are wrong.

Already I feel I pay too much for Internet access that is inferior to competing packages from another ISP because I have limited access to a competitor.

One of the things that makes our country what it is entails the ability for companies to build a business model based on future profits.

Without profits, entrepreneurs would have no incentive to invest in the creation of a business or provide a service.

And competition in that market is what ensures we get the best service for the best price.

If we can’t have Net Neutrality, the only alternative is to allow for more competition in the market.