Mississippi residents can earn enhanced carry endorsement

Published 7:00 am Friday, May 11, 2018

Within Mississippi, law-abiding citizens have the ability to carry a pistol most anywhere, even without a concealed carry permit, but there are a number of exceptions.

The ability to carry a pistol in a concealed manner without a permit became available to Mississippi residents about two years ago when Gov. Phil Bryant signed a law allowing constitutional carry.

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However, that privilege still comes with restrictions, and does not allow Mississippi residents the same ability when they cross state lines. One restriction with constitutional carry, even within this state, is the concealed pistol needs to be in a holster or some sort of sheath.

To retain the ability to carry a pistol in a concealed manner in other states that offer reciprocity, which means they accept Mississippi’s concealed carry permit as valid, that person needs to obtain a concealed carry permit. Even so, concealed carry permit holders are still prohibited from carrying a pistol into several locations in the state, including schools, courtrooms, law enforcement agencies, private businesses with signs banning the action and detention facilities.

To overcome some of those restrictions, a law abiding citizen can attend an eight hour enhanced carry class, which will add an endorsement to their concealed carry permit. Joe Quave, a local law enforcement officer who offers the course, said the gun holder would need a concealed carry permit first to receive the benefits of enhanced carry.

Quave said the course covers a number of gun safety related topics. The course begins with the cardinal rules of gun safety, such as knowing what is being fired at and what is beyond the target, keeping the finger off the trigger until a person is ready to shoot and to treat every pistol as though it is loaded.

Participants of the class also learn about Mississippi’s gun laws, the nomenclature of gun parts, how to properly hold a gun and provides knowledge about ammunition and how it works.

Qauave said he also provides instruction on pistol fundamentals, such as stance, grip, sight alignment and how to shoot accurately. Maintenance of a pistol is essential, so Quave said he also covers that aspect of gun ownership.

Range safety and shooting is included in the course. Before any rounds are fired as part of the course, each person is required to wear eye and ear protection.

Since Mississippi laws allow for open and concealed carry of a pistol without a permit, some people may wonder why they would want to procure a concealed carry or even enhanced carry permit.

Quave said the benefits include learning about gun safety, accurate handling of a pistol and state laws concerning pistols.

Additionally, while a person with an enhanced carry permit still can’t bring a pistol into a law enforcement agency, private business with clearly posted signs banning the practice or a federal building, they can potentially carry their pistol on to other places that are typically banned, such as schools. 

Concealed and enhanced carry permits from Mississippi are recognized by at least 25 other states in the nation, but the person still has to abide by that state’s particular laws.

“It would behoove people to look up what gun laws are in each state,”Quave said. “Things are changing due to the current climate in the nation.”

To learn more about enhanced carry contact Quave on Facebook at ccpistolstraining-joequave.