Stop the drip in your bathroom

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Arainy day on the weekend can still be fruitful, especially if you have leaks to fix around the house; just be sure to do your research before heading out to buy parts.

That lesson was learned during my efforts to fix problems found during a more thorough inspection of the external pipes around the house

While a cursory examination took place after the last hard freeze, during which I discovered a small drip, the promise of warmer days this past weekend led to efforts to determine the cause of the drip and fix others.

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Since the leak was coming from the plastic cover of the whole house water filter, my hope was the problem was the result of nothing more than a failing rubber gasket. But my attempt to replace the gasket with another did not provide favorable results. The leak remained.

A closer look at the filter housing revealed it was cracked at the gasket housing, probably from the freezing temperatures experienced months ago, meaning the housing would need replacing.

Since I was going to have to go to the hardware store anyway, I figured I would secure gaskets for the faucets in the bathtub and sink at the same time, since they too have constant drips.

However, before heading to the hardware store I made the simplest of mistakes, failing to remove the part that needed replacing from the sink and bathtub. As a result, the first trip to the hardware store would not be the last that day.

While I did secure essential part information for the filter housing, I was unaware the components that make up a water faucet are not universal. After staring at the plethora of sizes for flat rubber washers for far too long, I bit the bullet and relented to a second trip to the hardware store.

Had I put a bit more effort into the planning and removed the failing parts before the first trip, I could have saved myself some time on a simple project.