First job teaches skills that can be used through life

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Everyone remembers the first job they had while coming into adulthood.

While in high school, a part time job can provide a variety of experiences to young people. From learning how to meet a schedule, complete tasks in a timely manner. to managing money earned in paychecks, that first job in a person’s life can be as educational as any time spent in the classroom.

My first job was pushing shopping carts at the local WinnDixie.

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While my first assignment at the local grocery store was not very demanding, I would soon convince management that my skillset could be best used in a variety of other departments.

Over the course of my employment there, I assumed many responsibilities, including working in the seafood and meat departments and stocking shelves during the night shift.

Naturally, I held a number of other jobs during my time on this Earth, with a variety of companies. But I remember the experiences at my first job fondly.

Each and every experience through my working years has taught me something that is still in use today. Last week, our community received the news that Winn Dixie stores in town will be making way for a new business model to come in. While this news may be concerning to some, we should keep in mind that there are several bright spots to this upcoming change. First, both of these stores will continue to provide services to the community, once renovation work is complete. And most importantly, the current employees will keep their jobs, so I’m told.

For every young person still in high school, a part time job is important. And while not every first job will be at a grocery store, it’s good to know that both of these stores will continue to operate and provide not just someone’s first job, but a chance at a career for those willing to put in the effort.