Both local Winn-Dixie stores to become Shoppers Value Foods, staff to keep jobs

Published 6:15 pm Monday, February 26, 2018

Both WinnDixie stores in Picayune have been sold to a new owner, and are part of a seven store buyout.

According to a release from Shoppers Value Foods, the sale was announced last week and will entail a three to six month renovation period.

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Danielle Satawa, Chief Financial Officer for Shoppers Value Foods, the stores will be closed during the renovation period, which will include remodeling of the locations while the brands are switched. Satawa said the transition phase is expected to take between three to six months and will involve store closures during that time

Employees currently working for Winn-Dixie will transition with the buyout.

“Our intention is to keep all employees,” Satawa said.

She said employees will not be required to reapply for their jobs, but some paperwork will need to be filled out.

During the transition the north location near exit 6 off Interstate 59 will see the most renovation.

Satawa said that while the stores are closed, the employees will still have work to do in support of the transition.

Currently, all stock in the store is being sold at a 40 percent reduction in the listed prices, according to signs posted within the stores.  Satawa said that she could not comment on the sale, since Shoppers Value Foods did not purchase the inventory. Calls to Winn-Dixie for comment on the sale and what will happen with collected Plenty Points was not returned by press time Monday.

When the store reopens as Shoppers Value Foods, it will be a cost plus retailer. Satawa said cost plus is a business model where prices on the shelf reflect what the company purchaed the items for and when the customer checks out, a blanket 10 percent surcharge is added at the register.

“It brings more value to the customer and allows them to save a lot more money,” Satawa said.

Shoppers Value Foods will retain the deli, seafood and meat market departments in the Picayune stores, while adding dine-in seating areas where customers can enjoy their meal.

The news of the sale comes less than a week after news was published on Bloomberg quoting an anonymous source that Bi-Lo LLC is looking into the possibility of filing for bankruptcy as soon as next month. Bi-Lo LLC owns the Winn-Dixie name. The story also states that the business may find a way to restructure its debt without court proceedings.