Maintained equipment makes yard work easier

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Finally, the freeze in South Mississippi has come to an end for now, meaning that all excuses that allowed us to put off yard work are also at an end.

As we get up off the couch to take care of those things that have been neglected, we will find the tools we rely on to make those chores easier will need some extra attention.

Think back, when was the last time you started your mower, chainsaw or blower?

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Since it’s been cold for a while, I would wager it’s been months at your house, just like mine.

Anything that was allowed to sit up with gas still in the tank will need a bit of coaxing to start that engine again.

Sunday, when I finally got the battery to the mower charged, it still took a few turns of the key to get the motor to start.

And while running, a few backfires and misfires were detected, more than likely due to my neglect to perform proper maintenance. 

Since I was able to complete my chore with few problems, it can be assumed that the plug is not entirely fouled and the carburetor is mostly functional.

But, the mower did give plenty of signs that it could use a quick tune up before the cutting season begins.

For those of you uninitiated with caring for an internal combustion engine, no matter the size, be sure to keep this information in mind. 

Typically, the engine in your small gas powered devices should be maintained before each season. I broke that rule this weekend, but before any of that equipment is used again, maintenance will take place.

So, if you have not started your gas-powered equipment in several months or more, be sure to give them the once over.

Because a simple tune up is a lot less expensive than brand new, or even used, equipment.