A new year brings hope of positive changes

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2018

We are now officially in a new year.

As we all ponder the likelihood of making our New Years resolutions realities through a new diet, fitness program or a more profitable job, some expectations about what we want to see from our local leaders may also come to mind.

Over the past year we’ve seen a City Council divided over how to spend funds in the cemetery budget, the Board of Supervisors attempt to come to an agreement on how to provide sufficient space for county offices and the Pearl River County School District attempt to have a bond passed so it can also add new buildings to the district.

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We would all love to see everyone get what they want.

A new fence around a cemetery within the city limits would add to the visual appeal for the final resting place for our loved ones.

A new building housing all of the county’s offices that doesn’t require constant repairs would also be a welcome addition to our county.

And supporting a bond that would finally allow the Pearl River County School District’s administration to have suitable office space rather than a collection of double wide trailers would be ideal.

However, as we move deeper into 2018 we should also consider the impact that changes in the federal government will have on us. A new tax plan and changes to the nation’s healthcare requirements will influence us locally.

What that impact will be is unclear at present.

My hope is that our county’s leaders in the various roles will pay attention to those changes, and take them into consideration before they decide whether to ask for more money from the taxpayers.

Hopefully there’s a way a fence, a courthouse and new schools and administrative offices can be built using the funds already on hand.