Dedication of self to another

Published 7:00 am Saturday, December 16, 2017

Thursday was quite possibly the conclusion to a long story about how one individual took it upon himself to better the life of another.

Or was it?

Too often the majority of us see those who appear to be in need, but either pass them by without a second look or justify our lack of empathy on our busy schedules.

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As we ignore these stranded motorists, wandering pedestrians or beggars at the street corners, we think to ourselves, “Someone else will come along with more time/money.”

But there are those select few who not only have that thing in their brains that tells them to “turn around, give that guy a hand,” but they also listen to it.

We all have those little voices, but our excuses get in the way of taking action.

Now that Matt Ladner successfully helped bring 91-year-old Gilbert Pfisterer out of his slum of a mobile home to a much more suitable Habitat for Humanity home, we may think that he’s done with his good deed for a lifetime.

While that may be true, especially since he has a family to care for, I would not be surprised to see Ladner at least still stop in to check on Gilbert now and then.

And it would not shock me to hear he has taken up some other worthwhile task that would benefit someone other than himself.

Because, there are those people who are the light to everyone else’s dark.

While some people devise ways to get the upper hand over another, there are those select few who would rather give back to their community.

You know some of these people; you speak to them daily but may not know it.

If you do come across such a person, try to be their helping hand once in while and give them a bit of the light we know exists in this world.