Giving is the spirit of the holidays

Published 7:00 am Thursday, November 16, 2017

Each year as the holidays approach families begin the long list of things to do, and things to buy.

For most the season begins with the feast we all call Thanksgiving. While it doesn’t involve gift giving, this holiday is just as important because it’s a reason for families to gather at a central point to enjoy a large meal that usually involves delicious leftovers.

After that holiday passes, adults and youngsters begin to look toward Christmas. Yet another holiday that involves a feast, but there are several other tasks to complete before this holiday is done. Decorations are taken from the backs of closets, lights are installed on the house and families gather around fireplaces as ornaments are placed on tinseled Christmas trees. For many, the scenes described above are indicative of the holiday season and are the reason for us all to look forward to the end of the year. But for some children in Pearl River County, they have little to look forward to. Their holidays may not be as bright for several reasons, one of which might be the absence of a parent or parents due to being incarcerated.

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That will leave them with other family members if they are available, or potentially in less ideal situations.

And, that may mean they will receive little if anything under the Christmas tree. While material possessions are not everything in life, a pile of gifts can no doubt put a smile on any young face. There are several organizations that are aware of how important it is for children to experience the best possible holiday.

Toys for Tots and Angel Tree Ministries are two such organizations. Each year the organizers of these worthwhile groups put forth every effort to collect as many toys as possible to brighten a disadvantaged child’s Christmas morning.

We are glad there are organizations such as these that are willing to put their time and energy into ensuring every child has a holiday to remember.