New program at local elementary will be beneficial

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Working parents know the difficulties of being able to not only put food on the table and keep the lights on, but they may also find it difficult to teach their children all they need to know before their first day of school.

This hurdle can at times be attributed to the limited access to preschool services some parents in Pearl River County face, either due to work schedules or due to budgeting factors. This problem at times leaves a gap in what a child knows and what they should know when starting school.

To fill that gap, the Poplarville Lower Elementary is offering a set of six courses that will teach parents the essentials their children need to know before entering their first official classroom. It will not only inform the parents on those essential topics, but more importantly show them how to effectively teach their children these things themselves.

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Skills such as being able to correctly identify a book, magazine and even a bathtub will be covered in the coursework, as well as tips to help parents teach their children a larger vocabulary, early mathematics and a number of other topics.

It’s well known that children who enter any grade with a head start will do better during the school year.

By providing these parents with the necessary information they need to give their child that head start, they will be able to bring their child to his or her first day of kindergarten with the knowledge that they will succeed.

For the leaders in our local school to realize the need for this program, and to take the initiative to apply for the funding, displays the dedication our educators have for the children.