If you know something, say something

Published 7:00 am Thursday, October 19, 2017

It’s the kind of case you typically see in movies.

Someone comes up with a plan to cause another harm, either emotionally or physically, and the hero comes to the rescue at the last minute.

In real life we don’t hear of these kinds  stories often enough. Most of the time potential heroes don’t know harm will befall someone until it’s too late.

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But every now and then a community tip can provide our local law enforcement officers and firefighters with an opportunity to avert a potential disaster.

That was the case last week when the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department was alerted by a member of the community that a resident was allegedly devising a plan to destroy the property of another.

Acting on that tip, our local law enforcement agency requested the assistance of other nearby agencies and devised a plan of their own, with the goal being to thwart the potentially destructive act.

After staging up in a location that concealed their presence while still providing a clear view of the area, these men and women were able to stop the crime before it could be perpetrated.

These are the types of stories that should be shared across the country, and fortunately news agencies nationwide are spreading word that the team was successful in its plan.

And while we most certainly should commend the emergency responders for their hard work in this case, we should remember that it began with a tip from a concerned resident.  If we all keep our eyes and ears open and work with local law enforcement agencies, Pearl River County will be a better place. So, if you hear of something that our local law enforcement agencies should know, please share that information with them.