Officers conduct stops, find several drug offenses

Published 7:00 am Thursday, September 14, 2017

Several suspects were arrested for drug related charges after Picayune Police officers conducted stops during routine patrols.
On Sept. 1, a stop was conducted on a vehicle for emitting a blue light from around the vehicle’s tag, according to reports filed with the department.
During the stop, the officer spoke with the driver, 54-year-old Carlos Johnson of 2809 Victoria Dr., and the passenger, 27-year-old Regina Straw of 22368 Pineville Rd., Pass Christian, the release states.
As the officers spoke with the occupants of the vehicle, he determined that Johnson emitted the odor of an intoxicating beverage, his driver’s license had been suspended and he had no proof of insurance.
During the interaction, the officer also took note of Straw’s alleged attempts to hide something in the front of her pants, leading the officer to request the presence of a female officer at the scene to conduct a search, the report states.
It was later determined that a bag of methamphetamine had been hidden in Straw’s pants, leading to her arrest for possession of a controlled substance, while Johnson was arrested for illegal display of blue lights, driving while license suspended, DUI and no proof of insurance, the report states.
Four days later on Sept. 5, officers came into contact with 28-year-old Jeremy Mitchell of 34 Albert Prince Rd., Carriere during the operation of a safety checkpoint. The report states that when the officer asked Mitchell for his driver’s license, he could not provide it, prompting the officer to ask him to pull to the side of the road.
A pat down of Mitchell’s person for officer safety found a bag containing a white powdery substance suspected to be heroin, leading to his arrest for no driver’s license and possession of a controlled substance, the report states.
On Aug. 28, officers with the department saw a vehicle being driven in a careless manner, leading to a stop. The officer found 18-year-old Austin Chandler Mason of 92 Homer Spencer Road behind the wheel, and 28-year-old Anthony M. Boudouin of 700 N. Main St., Apt. 21 in the passenger seat, the report states.
The occupants of the vehicle were asked to exit the vehicle and for consent to search the vehicle after they displayed nervous behavior. In the subsequent search, the officer found a book bag in the back seat containing marijuana and methamphetamine, of which Boudouin claimed ownership, the report states. Boudouin was arrested for possession of marijuana and possession of methamphetamine, while Mason was arrested for driving without a license and careless driving, according to the report.

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