No more unsafe rides in truckbed

Published 7:00 am Saturday, July 1, 2017

It seems every year some new regulation or law is passed that aims to make life a little safer.

We didn’t do it often, but from time to time camping trips  in our younger years involved a ride in the back of the truck from Slidell, La., to McLeod Water Park in Kiln.

The ride was uncomfortable, even with an old mattress stuffed in the back of the covered truck bed, but it was an adventure.

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Riding in the back of a pickup truck will now be a thing of the past, with the passage of amendments to the seatbelt law in Mississippi.

While the amendment does not specifically state people can’t ride in the cargo area of a pickup truck, it clearly states all passengers within a vehicle are required to buckle up.

To be honest, I won’t miss riding in the back of a truck unrestrained.

However, there was one incorrectly reported change to a law that I wanted to take place.

While our state does have a law that states vehicles in the left lane should only be there long enough to overtake the vehicle in the right lane, there are a number of drivers who get in the left lane, and stay there.

Earlier this year the legislature attempted to put some teeth into that law, but failed.

Drivers who abide by this law can become infuriated when they get behind another motorist oblivious to the rule’s existence.

It’s especially annoying when the two vehicles in opposite lanes somehow find the exact same speed, and continue to block traffic for miles on end.

So, as we move into the Fourth of July weekend, remember, law enforcement officials will be conducting safety checkpoints for seatbelt use and drunk drivers.

And, while driving along the interstate, be courteous to other drivers and only use the left lane for its intended purpose, passing other vehicles.

Otherwise, move to the right lane when possible.