Looking for police officer to protect and serve

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Wanted: Individual to work swing shifts, work during emergencies and listen to excuses and lies the public tell you (and wants you to believe).

Must be able to pick up bodies after bar fights, domestic violence incidents and various types of accidents. Individual will often experience public who may despise, spit upon and shoot weapons at you.

“Looking for a police officer to protect and serve.”

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Anyone picking up a newspaper or listening to the nightly news quickly finds the world in a sorry state. Stories of violence and drugs plague the airways. Though Pearl River County is in the Bible Belt, violence and drugs plague our community.

Therefore, after giving our Lord our gratitude, I believe we must also thank our police officers who protect and serve us day and night.

Yes, I know there are a few offensive officers in some departments, but this is seen in every aspect of daily life. Even though a few officers may use their badge and gun to demand respect, can we not still give them the respect their uniform deserves? In what other line of work is deception from one individual to another seen as the norm within a typical day’s work?

Often, police officers must decipher truth from lies, and much like in the large urban areas, our officers work with the worst of society when facing crime, drugs, rape and murder. And then, there are the rest of us who kind of “roll through” that stop sign, speed a little or a lot, or drive with expired insurance or licenses.

Often we may get upset when stopped for what we deem as a minor or insignificant offense. Some believe as a taxpayer they have a “get out of ticket for free card.” They may give the officer a hard time, demanding they go chase that felon or solve last week’s crime and leave this taxpayer alone. I remind you all, these officers will take a bullet for us.

As a child, adults taught me when in need of help, go to a nice police officer.

Therefore, I do not fear the police. Others were raised that the police are the enemy and they should run from them and abstain from helping them.

Where have we gone? How about thanking an officer even though we may be unhappy with those traffic tickets?

Officers know that we are their neighbors and that most of us are not convicted felons. It is a shame officers can no longer ride alone, and must have backup for a simple incident.

However, it’s also a shame that some “cops” take the law in their own hands, hurting or even killing innocent civilians. 

Let’s start a movement. Be kind and thoughtful to one another. This is not a new idea. It was taught by Jesus several thousand years ago.

Cheryl Battey,

Pearl River County resident