Council approves additional work to amphitheater

Published 7:00 am Thursday, June 22, 2017

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, a motion was approved to allow more than $16,000 in additional work to the amphitheater to take place.

The work will entail purchasing new windows for installation at the new facility, installation of a security system and decorative bricks to the front of the stage, said Public Works Director Eric Morris.

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Initially the plan was to use the salvaged windows from the demolition of the A.L. Franklin Annex in the construction of the amphitheater, however the salvaged glass does not match recently purchased glass for the project, leading Morris to suggest installing all new windows.

The security system suggested by Morris will be similar to what is installed at City Hall, utilizing magnetic locks that are accessed via key fobs. Morris said the system will enable city officials to keep track of activity at the amphitheater.

City Clerk Amber Hinton said the total cost for the additional work at Crosby Commons totals $16,366.

During discussion of the work, Councilor Wayne Gouguet asked what plans are in place to install waste receptacles at the park. Morris said city employees have already repurposed old waste cans previously used along East and West Canal Street. That work involved sand blasting and repainting the old cans.

In other business, the Council approved a conditional use request from Petsense to establish a retail location at 793 Memorial Boulevard.

All of the benches previously on sale for installation at Crosby Commons to honor a loved one are now sold, and some of the trees available for the same purpose have also sold, Morris said. During Tuesday’s meeting, the Council approved a motion to accept donations totaling $6,571 for the purchase of the benches and trees. The trees will be placed along the walking track, while the benches will be installed at the four corners of the park and in the center. Morris said 18 trees are still available for sale. Community members can purchase the trees for $150 each and include several varieties. To determine which varieties are still available call public works at 601-799-0602.

The Council also approved a change order for the former Geo Resources area as part of the natural gas line replacement project. City Engineer Vernon Moore said the change order will decrease the cost of the project by $14,000.

The next Council meeting will be July 5, due to the holiday at 5 p.m. A swearing in ceremony of the Council and Mayor will take place at 4:30 p.m. that same day.