Show sheds light on the past

Published 7:00 am Saturday, May 6, 2017

We’ve all done it. Far into adulthood we get pulled into a show geared toward younger viewers, such as high school students.

While watching such shows we think back to a certain period in our lives.

The thing is, shows and movies about high school are meant to be just as appealing to those of us who graduated from one of the toughest parts of life decades ago. How many times have you watched “Breakfast Club” or “American Pie”?

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I’ve been watching one such show, “13 Reasons Why.”

Without providing spoilers, the show is about a girl who committed suicide.

Before doing so, she leaves a box of 13 cassette tapes that cover the actions performed by her fellow classmates that prompted her to end her life prematurely.

All of the people responsible for her state of mind at the time are required to listen to all 13 tapes, and thereby gain insight into their deeds.

I’ll skirt over the details, leaving them for you to discover if you decide to watch this Netflix original.

Fair warning, it is not an easy watch.

But, it reminds us that high school can be a tumultuous time when people feel they know everything but have little control over every aspect of their lives.

While there are some parts of the story line that won’t appeal to everyone, so far I have found the show to be a pretty accurate representation of high school life and relatively well written.

As the show progresses you will see each character grow, or refuse to, as they come to grips with their actions against other students, the deceased female protagonist included.

I don’t recommend this show because of its graphic nature, I recommend it because it sheds light on the fact that these shows remind us how the adversities of life help us become stronger.