Banned in public places, and now the air is cleaner

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ten years ago, dining out was a very different experience.

You may be wondering why I think it was so different when everything is essentially the same.

You are still directed to a seat either by a hostess or a sign, you still order your drink before you order the meal and you still choose that meal from a menu.

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However, there is one important aspect of dining out that has changed, and in my opinion it’s been for the better.

Think back; try to recall going to any restaurant 10 years ago. What was the first thing the hostess asked before seating you?

That’s right, smoking or non-smoking.

Now that smoking has been banned in public places in Picayune that question isn’t posed; we are just directed to our seat, given a menu and asked for our drink order.

So, now that smoking has been banned in just about every local public place for several years, have you noticed?

I haven’t, but I’m not a smoker. What I recently noticed is the fact that I haven’t noticed.

What brought it to my attention was the story we ran last week that of Mississippi’s incorporated areas, we are actually leading the charge to banning smoking in public places.

That story made me recall when smoking was allowed in restaurants.

And that memory is very unappetizing. I recall the distaste of dining with a smoker, or worse, sitting near the smoking section. Now, we enjoy our meals in a smoke-free environment, and I realize it’s much more enjoyable this way.

Even though I am much happier, I do feel for smokers. They had to give up smoking in restaurants.

I wonder if smokers have gotten used to the change, or if they still wish for the days when they could light up indoors.