No primary to be held in Picayune for coming election

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 25, 2017

Paper ballots will be used in both municipal elections within Pearl River County this year. While the election of city officials in Poplarville will entail a primary and general election, voters within Picayune will only vote during the general election.
The primary election is set for May 2. If a runoff is required, it will be held on May 16. The general election will be held June 6.
Since only one office in the Picayune election is contested there is no need for a primary election, said City Clerk Amber Hinton. In that contested race, both candidates are running under different party designations.
Incumbents running unopposed in Picayune include Mayor Ed Pinero Jr., District I Councilor Tammy Valente, District II Councilor Lynn Bogan Bumpers District IV Councilor Larry Breland, and District V Councilor Wayne Gouguet. Only District III Councilor Jan Miller Stevens (R) has an opponent. She will be running against David Fred Smith (D).
Voters in Poplarville will choose their favorite candidate for mayor and alderman. All positions are at-large.
Three candidates are running for mayor in Poplarville. They include current Board of Aldermen member David Glenn Bolin (R), Poplarville School Resource Officer Rossie Creel (R) and Alderman Byron Lawrence Wells.
Candidates running for the Board of Aldermen include Laura Heather Holliday (R), Rochelle Holliday (R), Anne Gendusa Smith (R), incumbent Alderwoman Margaret Ann Smith (D), Tony Smith (R), Kevin L. Tillman Sr. (D) and incumbent alderwoman Shirley Wiltshire (D). The five candidates receiving the most votes will take those offices.
Both municipalities intend to use paper ballots during the coming election. In Poplarville that choice was made to cut down on the expense, according to previous coverage.
Within Picayune, Hinton said the decision to use paper ballots instead of the county’s voting machines was made to save time and effort since only one office is contested.
Voters should keep in mind that write-in votes will not be counted during the municipal elections.
The deadline to register to vote for the primary in Poplarville is April 1 at noon. Residents who are not already registered can do so at the Pearl River County Circuit Clerk’s Picayune and Poplarville offices.
If a resident misses the deadline to register for the primary election, that person can still register for the general election until May 6 at noon.

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