Honoring the power of women in our lives

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 11, 2017

We’re now more than a week into March, and that means it’s Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate everything the women in your life have done for you.

While I’ve never experienced it personally, movies and television programs from decades past depict a time in our nation’s history when women had a much different role in society than today.

According to these depictions, women didn’t get ready for work in the morning, they got everyone else off to their day and stayed home to care for the family.

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Some families may still operate that way, but in a different manner. Today, if one parent stays home to care for the family, it’s much more acceptable for that person to be a man.

In my household as a child, there was only a short time when my mom stayed home to care for the household and us.

After we reached a certain age, she decided to go to work, seeking a vocation by attending computer classes.

I can recall when she “graduated.” While it wasn’t a two or four-year degree, I was inspired by her more than ever that day.

After that point, it was up to us kids to do our own dishes, wash our own laundry and cook our own meals when we got hungry.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had more than one woman be a positive influence in my life, two of which I call mom.

So, during the rest of this month, think back on the women that influenced you.

It could have been something simple, or something profound. These women don’t have to be family.

She could have been a teacher, neighbor, local elected official, or even someone you’ve never met.

Then, take a second to tell them how much their influence has meant to you. I’m sure they will appreciate it.