Saggy pants need to be hiked

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Each generation has a fashion trend that causes adults to shake their heads in disbelief.

These days, the trend causing controversy is when males sag their pants so low that other people can see underwear. Sometimes it’s barely noticeable, other times it’s very hard to miss.

In addition to the fact that these people are showing pieces of their attire not meant for public display, this style of dress could hinder a person’s ability to move when done to the extreme.

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In severe cases, these people can be seen walking down the sidewalks,

holding their pants up with one hand as they utilize a strange gait to maintain balance. 

Each time I witness this spectacle, I have to find the reserve to refrain from politely suggesting they purchase a belt, and use it properly.

In the end, I know this is just another fad that will die out just as quickly as it started. It actually occurred once before in the 90s, making a comeback about six years ago.

But one Mississippi Representative, Tom Weathersby, wants to see change now; so much so he wants to implement legislation that would not only fine repeat offenders, but mandate they seek counseling.

I support any effort to prompt these unfashionable exhibitionists to wear their pants as intended, but to force them to undergo “psychological and social counseling” is just absurd.

Counseling will not change the clothes in these people’s closets, or the idea that wearing saggy pants is “hip” or “cool.”

I did read of one idea of note. A Memphis, Tenn., school once implemented the practice of “Urkeling” students who sagged their pants. It entailed making the offender pull up their pants, and attach them using zip ties before a photo was taken for public display.

But for all I know, the “offender” may just like the extra attention. Because, that’s why they are sagging their pants in the first place.