School field trips should make a comeback

Published 7:00 am Thursday, December 15, 2016

For a majority of the adults alive today that attended school in the 90s and earlier, field trips were a common occurrence.

Many will recall the excitement they felt when they knew their day of school didn’t involve sitting in a class reciting facts and figures. No, that day was going to be a small adventure to a new locale.

That trip could have been to the zoo, a museum and possibly even a diorama.

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But these days field trips are becoming a rarity, according to school officials at local school board meetings.

But fortunately, they do still occur. This week, students at Pearl River Central Lower Elementary took a train ride to Hattiesburg to simulate a movie plotline.

We are sure it was not only an experience to meet Santa Claus, but one that may change the way they think about travel.

It may seem strange, but not everyone in Pearl River County has ridden on a train.

While they are effective means of transportation, just about every household has access to a vehicle That means taking the train to a faraway destination is rarely considered.

For the most part, a family interested in a long trip would first price airline tickets.

But now the parents and children who took part in this field trip may consider taking a train on their next excursion too far for an automobile.

There is a lot a child can learn from classroom instruction. But even more can be learned when children embark on an adventure outside a classroom.

With that in mind, school districts should find some way to provide more field trips to their students.

Just about any enterprising teacher or principal can find some way to take their students to local government buildings, or nearby petting zoos at very little expense.