Bus turnarounds are essential

Published 7:00 am Saturday, August 18, 2018

Children who are too young to drive in this rural part of the nation need a way to and from school.

There’s only one method that currently works, buses.

For the most part, these yellow and black hued vehicles stop in front of each family’s home to pick up the next generation of our society.

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But there are some rare instances where children either have to walk a long distance down their road to reach a bus stop.

There’s nothing wrong with children getting a little exercise, but when they have to walk a long distance, at times in the rain, situations like this put them at risk.

That risk does not just come in the form of catching a cold, it could mean being hit by a less than attentive driver, or some other less than favorable outcome.

The reason these children have to walk to their bus stop for a mile or so is because a bus turnaround has not been requested by a particular school district, or approved by the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors.

Earlier this week, two such roads were named to not have bus turnarounds, Lazy Oak Lane and Hickory Nut Road.

Both are located along Highway 43 North, a historically dangerous road due to the high rates of speed vehicles typically reach on our rural roads. 

If a bus turnaround could be established along these areas, maybe even halfway down the road, these children could walk a shorter distance, and be safe from potential dangers.  It’s up to each school district’s administration and the Board of Supervisors to come to an agreement, and ensure our children get to and from school safely.