What to do with all the Thanksgiving leftovers

Published 7:00 am Friday, November 25, 2016

For months we pine over the various holiday dishes that are traditionally served during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but once all the feasting has concluded there’s the ever present question; what to do with all of those leftovers?

Someone worked to prepare that feast for at least a day, if not longer.

The turkey came out perfect, not too dry and the ham was also right on par. And while plates were piled high with as much stuffing, potatoes and rolls as they could hold, there’s still so much left.

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Even attempts at sending leftovers home with guests didn’t seem to make a dent.

The best part about leftovers is that they are relatively easy to reheat and consume, especially after a long day of shopping.

The downside is that after a day or two of eating the same dishes, the appeal has diminished.

Before you head to the trash can with those leftovers, do a quick search on the Internet for some quick recipes that can add some zest to that turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and rolls.

Many of those ingredients will make delicious new side dishes. Take the mashed potatoes for example. You now have the first ingredient for potato pancakes.

All that’s left is to add the egg, flour and seasoning before frying up a crispy side dish or snack. 

Or, if you’re in a hurry to make the most of all of the leftovers, consider a casserole.

Turkey or ham sandwiches may be a great way to put the remaining main dish to use, but with a casserole the storage containers stacked in the fridge will soon be ready for the dishwasher.

So enjoy those leftovers for another day or two, while also avoiding taste bud boredom.