District 106 residents called to cast another ballot

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pearl River County residents will be lured to the polls again on Nov. 29 for a runoff election.

After residents of the Mississippi House of Representatives District 106 voted in the Nov. 8 special election, there was no clear majority winner. In fact, all the five candidates received over 1,000 votes according to reports from the Associated Press.

The special election seemed to drum up more response and participation from Pearl River and Lamar County residents.

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Voter participation in Pearl River County reached 56.28 percent in last week’s general and special election, one of the highest in recent history. 

As a result of such a tight race, the state is holding a runoff election between the top two

candidates, which the AP has reported to be John Corley and Greg Holcomb.

However, absentee and affidavit ballots have yet to be factored in to the total, and aren’t expected to be announced until Wednesday.

In the past, participation in runoff elections has been significantly less than the general election.

During the August 2015 runoff election for several local seats, voter turnout in the county was less than 20 percent.

If voters in this county can turn out in such high numbers for a presidential election, which has a somewhat removed impact on our day-to-day lives, it should follow that voter turnout for local elections, would be much higher.

If you live within District 106 and voted on Nov. 8 for your candidate, we encourage you to go out to the polls again on the 29 and vote again, even if your candidate is not in the runoff.

If you live within the District and did not vote on Nov. 8, you have been given a second opportunity to research the two candidates and cast your ballot for who you believe will best represent your district at the state level.