Computer programs to boost reading and math skills

Published 7:00 am Thursday, October 27, 2016

If you want to know how to use a computer, hand it to a child and let them teach you.

The operation of computers, tablets and cellphones comes easily to those who grew up using them. But it makes sense.

Children who grew up in previous generations knew how to use the technology of their times, the same will be true in subsequent generations.

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The technologies of those times were used to overcome learning Deficiencies.

Today, computers are playing a major role in helping students overcome the hurdles they face, especially in the areas of reading and math.

Administrators with the Picayune School District report success in utilizing a program called iReady, which is computer software built around Common Core to help teachers

identify areas where children who may be behind in the curriculum are proficient and areas where they can use help.

So far, the program appears to perform as advertised, helping students succeed who previously found instruction in math and reading to be a challenge.

In just about every school that has used the program so far, a majority of those students reached their grade level in reading and math through the use of the program.

This new interactive technology is helping children of the current generation meet, and hopefully exceed, their teacher’s expectations.

It’s commendable that administrators in our local school districts are utilizing the most effective methods to help our children succeed.

That could be one of the reasons schools within Pearl River County are receiving better grades from the Mississippi Department of Education.