The importance of introducing new things

Published 7:00 am Saturday, September 24, 2016

Today’s Item discusses two educational issues that are both, in a way, about introducing children to new things.

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program at Picayune elementary schools is working to introduce children to foods they may have never tried before or don’t have access to.

People have said for years that introducing fruits and vegetables at a young age will make children more amenable to them as they grow older.

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Teaching children to try new things now could also lead them to try new foods when they are older.

Not only is it a great program for their diet, but it also allows them to have a special treat they otherwise may have never tried.

Yet the importance of introducing new things to children doesn’t stop at just fruits and vegetables.

Today’s Item also looked at the possible effects of mandating all children to attend kindergarten, rather than allowing students to begin in first grade without any prior schooling.

While some say it may not be cost-effective to mandate five-year-olds to attend school because many of them do already, others argue that those left behind are suffering.

Entering school at the right age can be beneficial for a child’s future success as a student and a member of the community.

Enrolling in school teaches children how to socialize, respect authority figures and how to read and write.

It could be very difficult for children who start school in first grade to adjust to the structured climate of the school day.

The younger children are when they enter school, the sooner they will learn skills they can build upon for the next 12 years.

Learning to try new things and education should never come in second place.