School sports benefit from a certified trainer

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The ball is snapped and the quarterback heads back from the pocket to find an open target.

As he scans the horizon looking for a free wide receiver, he’s sacked by a defending player advancing from the quarterback’s blind spot. The hit takes the quarterback off guard, causing him to land awkwardly on his ankle. Then comes a loud popping sound; he’s suffered a minor, yet painful, injury.

Both teams take a knee as the coach and several of his staff advance onto the field to check on their downed quarterback.

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If this mock scenario took place at Picayune Memorial High School during a home game, a bevy of people would rush to the injured player’s side, including firefighters versed in providing emergency medical assistance.

However, that care would not come from a certified athletic trainer, until now.

Tuesday, a concerned parent addressed the Picayune School Board of Trustees about filling that need. He used an example of his son being injured during a game, which fortunately took place at a school that employed such a professional who provided essential care.

The parent said that while having firefighters and nurses on the field in Picayune is beneficial, he felt having a certified athletic trainer on staff would be even better.

As fate would have it, the Board already had three matters on the agenda pertaining to that request. After the open session portion meeting concluded, the Board took those matters up in executive session, approving all three.

The most advantageous part of this move is that the athletic trainer will be available for any game, whether it be a varsity football game, or a junior high basketball game.

We commend the Picayune School District for making this worthwhile investment in the wellbeing of all students participating in athletic programs.