Put down the phone, enjoy the views

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Over the weekend I sat at a restaurant with a beautiful view of the water.

As I looked out over the horizon, I noticed a couple sitting near the window. Instead of enjoying the view, they were looking at their cellphones.

But that’s the way the world is moving. Self-driving cars will become a reality, self-driving boats are now under development and interaction with other people now takes place

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through brightly light screens on electronic devices.

Soon, the future will be here, with all the autonomous fare seen in the movies.

Next will come laser powered weapons, teleportation devices and video games beamed into people’s brains.

Well, maybe not teleportation devices.

I was looking forward to the future. But now that it’s so close, I’d rather things stay the way they are for just a little while longer, before the machines rise against us.

Several years ago, cellphones were a luxury afforded by only the very rich.

Now we carry small computers in our pockets, capable of not only making phone calls, but also recording crimes, joyous occasions and acts carried out in public places.

It raises the question. What will people do when the next major hurricane rolls through Pearl River County, knocking out cell towers and their seemingly sole connection to the world?

Hurricane Katrina gave us a taste, but back then social media was in its infancy, and people still talked to each other over the phone, or better yet in person, instead of just sending text messages.

I, for one, vote against the future. I still enjoy operating my own vehicle, talking to people face to face and enjoying the scenery while at the water’s edge.

But, I fear those who never had these experiences will never know what they are missing.

Instead, they will be happy enough to update their social media account while their car does the driving.