Headphone jack will go the way of the dodo

Published 7:00 am Saturday, September 10, 2016

Apple is doing it again. They’re doing away with technology they feel is outdated.

The most recent instance was the CD/DVD drive; this time it’s the headphone jack. When proud owners of the upcoming iPhone 7 take possession of these flagship devices, they will immediately notice what’s missing.

So, that leaves the question of what to do with all those old 3.5 mm headphones we’ve collected over the years.

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It may also raise the question, does Apple know what it’s doing?

I recall when they dropped the disk drives from their line of computers, laptops and iMacs included. At first I was appalled by the idea. It left me considering what to do with all those CDs and how encoding them into iTunes was going to work, so much so I have yet to upgrade to a newer MacBook Pro for personal use. 

But consider this: When was the last time you popped a CD or DVD into your computer? Other than encoding an album into my digital collection, the last time I installed a program from disk was years ago.

It made me consider whether I would even notice the absence of a disk drive in my personal computer.

Which brings me back to the now absent headphone jack. Sure, an adaptor is included. Additionally you get their newest creation boxed in, the headphones with a lightning jack.

So, will anyone really miss that small round port used to listen to music, conduct a hands-free call or watch your favorite show on a handheld device?

In a couple of years, probably not. Technology advancements involve leaving old applications behind for the sake of performance upgrades.

Remember the floppy disk?