Gave up the game to view the presidential debate

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Over the weekend, for the first time in a long time, I eagerly anticipated Monday evening’s events.

Not because it was the end of the first day of a new workweek, but because the presidential debate of the century was set to air.

Even though the Saints would be playing the “Dirty Birds” I had a feeling that game would be short many an audience member.

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Honestly, I rarely set aside time to watch a presidential debate. For the most part they are boring displays of what American politics has become; canned comments of vague promises concerning hot topic matters that won’t come to fruition, should the candidate ultimately be elected.

Just about any promise made by a politician is disregarded as empty in my book. So why did I look forward to Monday’s debate?

Because I expected to see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do what no other politician has done in years past, be semi-honest.

Trump’s wild behavior and many times unfiltered comments display a more honest person that, unfortunately, the American public can relate to.

I was not the only one looking forward to watching the debate. It was reported that millions of people planned to tune in.

It’s possible people were expecting to see two front runners spar in the ring of debate, sans gloves. Trump’s outrageous, and often inappropriate, comments have earned him a lot of attention. But, what I think captures the public’s attention just as strongly is his lack of a political background, leaving many to wonder what kind of president he would be.

No matter what you may think of her, you can’t discount the fact that Clinton has made history just by being named the Democratic Party’s first female nominee.

Also on her side are decades of political experience.