It’s all about outlook

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Life is full of ups and downs, but what matters most is how people deal with the downs.

Given enough time, something bad will happen in life, if it hasn’t already. People can’t prepare for how they will react to these events. 

The death of a friend or family member, a motor vehicle accident and a house fire are all things that can be devastating. 

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Monday a home in the county caught fire. 

Fortunately the residents and pets of the home were not inside at the time, so no lives were lost. 

And while material belongings can be replaced, losing them is still a tough experience. So, when interviewing the  homeowner of Monday’s fire I was very surprised to see she was still able to make light of the situation, even as she stood there watching all of her possessions get destroyed, for the second time in nearly 11 years. 

She told me she moved to Pearl River County after losing all of her belongings in Hurricane Katrina. 

I couldn’t help but think she was incredibly calm as she watched her home be destroyed by a fire. 

The interaction I had with her put some things in perspective in my own life. 

 At times I may get upset over something that in reality is trivial. 

Slow traffic, chores and the responsibilities of adulthood can all be dealt with much easier if we all just have a positive outlook on life. 

That’s because having friends and family to provide support in the darkest times is what really counts. 

Even though she lost her home Monday morning, that woman is also fortunate to have her family safe and sound. She is richer than any billionaire who lives alone.