Drivers, respect move over traffic law

Published 9:08 am Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Over the weekend an accident near LaPlace, La., tragically took the life of the chief of a fire department, a passenger and injured several others.

The accident occurred as these people were assisting the driver of another accident, involving a truck that collided with the guard rail along Interstate 10. 

As they were working that accident, a charter bus collided with the fire truck parked at the scene with the lights on to alert drivers that they needed to change lanes and slow down. During the collision three firefighters were thrown from the bridge into the water below. 

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St. John Parish Fire District Chief Spencer Chauvin died as a result of the injuries he suffered. 

One of the other fire department personnel was later released from a hospital, while the third was listed as having critical injuries.

Had traffic laws been followed, this accident that could have been prevented.

First, the driver was not licensed, nor trained to operate the charter bus that collided with three firefighters assisting with an accident along Interstate 10 that day. 

Second, the driver also failed to abide by the move over law, which states that all motorists should move to the opposite lane when passing emergency personnel working an accident to provide space for them to work safely. 

The move over law, which applies to Mississippi drivers as well, is meant to protect emergency responders while they are working an accident, conducting a traffic stop or providing medical assistance. 

Far too often drivers forget what they were taught in their driver’s education class. 

It’s everyone’s responsibility to operate motor vehicles in such a way that does not put others in danger, especially those attempting to save lives.