Lawn Mower and Small Engine thriving

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kenneth Dawsey helps an employee fix a faulty weed trimmer in the shop of Lawn Mower and Small Engine Services.

Kenneth Dawsey helps an employee fix a faulty weed trimmer in the shop of Lawn Mower and Small Engine Services.

From being passed down through the family tree to changing its identity entirely, Lawn Mower and Small Engine Services continues to thrive in an ever changing market.
For Kenneth Dawsey, owner of Lawn Mower and Small Engine Services, it’s more than just providing a service.
“I like the customer traffic and making friends with everyone in the community. Talking to people in a friendly environment, like this business, is one of the main reasons I love what I do,” Dawsey said.
In 1970, Dawsey’s father, Dan Dawsey, started the business in Picayune, but with a different inventory. In the beginning stages of the business, it was a home appliance store, which also carried paint and lawn mowers; located at the end of West Canal Street. However, in 1974 a Firestone store moved out of 125 West Canal Street, so Dan Dawsey moved his business to the vacant storefront, where the store is today.
Picayune native Kenneth Dawsey has worked in his father’s business since he was 12-years-old, and has enjoyed every second of it.
“When I first started, I would get out of school and come straight to the store. I had more fun coming here than I did doing what most other kids enjoyed doing with their free time. This business is a huge part of me and will always be that way,” Kenneth Dawsey said.
When he started, he did whatever was needed from sales to maintenance. He worked hard and because of the effort he put toward the business, in 1976 he was given a choice that changed his life.
“My father gave me a choice, either I could become a full partner in the business, or go to college. I easily decided to become a full partner,” Kenneth Dawsey said. “I am so fortunate to work in the town I have loved my whole life. Most people have to leave in order to make a living and the fact that I don’t is something I am truly fortunate to have.”
In 1976, the store went from being a home appliance store to what it is today, specializing in lawn mower sales and service.
“With all the big corporations of home appliances coming into town in ’76 it was hard to compete. Everyone was going there for their needs. However, the lawn mower business started to boom, so slowly we got away from what wasn’t of interest and transformed into what we are now,” Kenneth Dawsey said.
Lawn Mower and Small Engine Services sells and services lawn mowers, weed trimmers and other lawn care equipment. Still, a major portion of sales comes from parts for Snapper and Redmax equipment. Also, Kenneth Dawsey said they provide a service that no other business is willing to offer.
“We give over-the-phone repair tips to those that are having trouble with their lawn mowers. They call us and explain what is going wrong and we try to tell them what they need or what can be done to fix the problem,” Kenneth Dawsey said. “I believe what goes around comes around. We do the best we can to be friendly, helpful and meet the needs of our customers as fairly priced as we can.”
As for the future, Kenneth Dawsey said he has no plans of retiring anytime soon because of the joy he gets from providing a place to not only help fix his customer’s problems, but also as a place where the community can come together.
For more information about Lawn Mower and Small Engine Services, call 601-798-6891. Their business hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and 8 to 11 a.m. on Saturday.

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