Police Department looking for robbery suspects

Published 7:00 am Thursday, May 12, 2016

WANTED: From left are Morgan Wheeler and Latreal Abram, who are wanted for armed robbery.

WANTED: From left are Morgan Wheeler and Latreal Abram, who are wanted for armed robbery.

Update, both of the named suspects in this case have been captured, according to a Picayune Police Department Facebook post. See tomorrow’s edition of the Item for an update to this case.

Detectives with the Picayune Police Department are looking for suspects believed to be involved in the armed robbery of two people last week.
According to a report filed with the Picayune Police Department, officers were called out to a local motel along South Loftin Avenue the night of May 5 just after 11.
They arrived to speak with a 49-year-old man and his 19-year-old son. The father told officers that earlier that night, he noticed a black male and black female walk out of the woods nearby. After waving to the pair, the man said he went inside his room.
According to the report, several minutes later the female knocked on his door, asking to borrow some cigarettes. He gave the woman three cigars and went back in his room. A short time after that, the woman returned with a white woman, both asking for more cigarettes and to charge their cellphones in the room, the report states.
At that time he and the two females walked to the nearby gas station to purchase cigarettes. The report states that the white female asked if she could return to the room to check her cellphone and make a call, leaving the man and the black female at the store, the report states.
The victim returned to the room to find a black man sitting in the room, pointing what appeared to be a gun at him. The report states that at that time the suspect asked for all of the man’s money and valuables. The man told the suspect he had no money or valuables, turning out his pockets, the report states.
The suspect then took the man’s wallet and fled the scene.
Officers also spoke with the 19-year-old son, who said after his father left with the two females, the white female suspect returned, asking to look at her phone, and as soon as he opened the door two black men, one tall and the other short, pushed their way into the room one of which pointed what appeared to be a gun at the son’s head. The tall man took the son’s cellphone, iPod and car keys before fleeing the room, leaving the shorter man in the room.
Through the investigation two of the suspects have been identified as 18-year-old Latreal Abram and 18-year-old Morgan Wheeler, both of which do not have a current address, said Assistant Chief Jeremy Magri. Both suspects are wanted for two counts each of armed robbery.
Investigators are still working to determine the identity of the other two suspects, Magri said.
Anyone with information about Abram and Wheeler’s whereabouts or information that could identify the other two suspects is asked to call the Picayune Police Department at
601-798-7411 or they can provide the information anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 601-799-CLUE(2583).

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