PRC SPCA to hold shot clinic this weekend

Published 7:00 am Friday, April 29, 2016

Tomorrow, pet owners can get their furry family member some preventive treatment at a cost effective price.

The Pearl River County SPCA will be holding a shot clinic, which will provide community members with several options, at Jack Read Park on Saturday from 10 .m. to 4 p.m.

The event will provide pet owners with access to rabies shots for $7, microchipping for $10, vaccinations for dogs and cats for $7 and puppy and kitten series shots for $25. Only cash will be accepted.

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PRC SPCA President Carla Gerrard said the shots will be administered by local veterinarian Dr. Ann Borgen.

Gerrard said they have been holding these shot clinics since 2003, the first of which brought in about 75 pets. This time she expects about 400 pets to benefit from the effort.

In addition to the services previously listed, the event will also offer heartworm testing and a bordetella treatment. Heartworm testing will cost $10 while the bordetella treatment is being offered for $7. Gerrard said the bordetella treatment is required when a dog is brought to a kennel or a groomer.

Gerrard said water bowls will be available during the event to keep pets hydrated, and water, soda or sports drinks and cookies will be available for the humans.

Those who opt for the rabies shot will be provided with a certificate to act as proof that the vaccination has occurred. That certificate will be good for one year, but if the pet owner has proof that a previous rabies shot has been administered, then they can receive a three year certificate, Gerrard said. Pets who are administered a rabies shot will also receive a tag.

If a rabies shot and microchip is purchased at the same time, Gerrard said she will provide a discount of $2.

She suggests anyone who has taken in a stray animal to bring their new friend to the event to receive these cost effective preventive treatments.

Kittens and puppies that receive their series shots at Saturday’s event will be eligible for the other three shots at the shelter. Gerrard said those animals will be provided a certificate to have those shots administered at the correct time, but the staff needs to get the money on Saturday. Once that fee is collected, no more money will be required for the follow-up shots.

Heartworm testing will be done on-site, by drawing a blood sample and using a small kit. The owner will receive the results at that time, and be advised on the next step toward prevention or treatment. Gerrard suggests owners get their dogs tested as soon as possible to determine if their dog has heartworms, because if they test positive, treatment should start as soon as possible.

“If you don’t get the treatment then your dog will die,” Gerrard said. “So don’t wait until they’re coughing.”

All pets should be brought to the event on a leash or in a carrier. If the pet is especially antisocial, Gerrard said the shots can be administered while the pet is in a vehicle.