Great weather at the spring street festival

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The weather over the weekend was perfectly suited for a street festival. As is usual, I made a visit to the biannual street festival put on by the Picayune Main Street Association after taking care of a couple things around the house.
Just like everyone else in town, I’ve been to about a dozen or so of these local events. For the most part I see really great things for sale. In fact there was a piece of furniture at a local shop I intend to go haggle over this weekend, if it hasn’t been sold already.
I saw a couple of vendors at the event that make me wonder why they bothered. This isn’t a big deal because it was few and far between, combined with the fact that visitors to the event know a deal when they see one.
In all, however, the vendors at the event were offering unique items worthy of a look. Even some of the used stuff is worth a gander, if just for nostalgia’s sake.
Mostly I go to see what’s going on, and take a few photos for the paper, but I also have to convince myself not to sample all the food.
I hear there was even a guy making drinks out of whole pineapples.
Children also got a chance to see some farm animals up close or take a pony ride down East Canal Street.
As for the food, I had my eye on some of the dishes offered, but by the time I was hungry enough to consider heading back on the following Sunday, it was closing time. It’s a shame really; I really wanted some of those nachos. I guess I shouldn’t have waited so long.

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