Buy a bubble for all the little children

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It’s time. Time to put everyone in bubbles that will protect them from all the ailments of the world.
One day, or maybe not ever, we can release them from their protective cocoons, hoping they will fly from the nest of safety.
It’s strange to read so many news stories about people getting upset on social media because someone let a child do something commonplace 30 years ago.
One example of this comes in the form of social media backlash stemming from posts shaming a Texas mother for letting her 7-year-old daughter ride on the back of a motorcycle.
In her defense, the girl was wearing a full-face helmet and the man the little girl was riding with has 20 years of motorcycle operation experience.
I was taken on motorcycle rides around our neighborhood at an even younger age than seven. Those experiences influence me still today.
I did some minor research into the matter for Mississippi riders. It appears that anyone of any age can be a passenger on a motorcycle, so long as they are wearing a helmet.
At the same time bringing an infant on a ride would be a bad idea.
Another example of things that may not take place today is teaching youngsters how to drive.
I hear that earlier generations were taught to drive on dirt roads, sometimes resulting in getting the vehicle stuck in a shallow ditch. All of these people are still alive today, and undeniably much wiser for those experiences.
I doubt many young drivers get that kind of training today.
At times it seems there’s too much outside involvement in the minor aspects of people’s lives. Possibly because social media is becoming too involved in what we decide is appropriate.

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