Enjoying an Easter egg hunt

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 26, 2016

On a chilly Friday morning dozens of children gathered at the McNeill Volunteer Fire Department clutching their baskets.
After playing some games to keep them occupied while the adults hid brightly colored plastic eggs filled with candy, the children were eager to head out onto the green grass of the nearby walking track and find as many of the hidden egg shaped prizes as possible.
Once the adults said the hunt could begin, the children broke out in sprints to be the first to start their collection.
Easter egg hunts are great fun, not just for the kids, but for adults too. It’s kind of like a modified version of hide and seek, except there’s a treat involved for those who successfully find a hiding spot.
The adults get to hide them, then the kids do their best to find them all.
The only problem I recall with the tradition as a child was not finding every egg. And that was an especially big problem since we used real eggs.
As I watched the children run around the McNeill Walking Track and gather the eggs, I realized a few things. First, I didn’t see any kids fighting over the eggs.
In fact, most of what I saw was teamwork. A couple of times I saw children put eggs they found in other children’s baskets.
I also didn’t see any adults picking up eggs that should not have been, like what occurred at MGM Park recently.
The last thing I noticed was how nice the McNeill Walking Track really is.
There’s plenty of shade, plenty of picnic tables and even some bridges along the walking trail.
In all, the event went off without a hitch, and was a joy to watch.
If you haven’t taken your child to this event before, make a point to do so next year.

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