Crawfish: A great excuse for family time

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Being a southerner, I grew up eating boiled bugs in large gatherings with family and friends.
Admittedly they were an acquired taste as a small child.
It seemed strange to eat such strange looking creature with potatoes and corn.
For the uninitiated, they are alien things to eat. If I had been raised in a different culture as a child, and then been presented with a serving of crawfish, I couldn’t say with honesty what I would have thought.
I’m still pretty sure I would have tried them anyway.
But, in the grand scheme of things, eating a small crustacean that lives in local ditches, is not the strangest things humans across the world eat. Just check out some of the strange animals people in other countries consider delicacies.
In that regard, crawfish aren’t exactly that exotic of a dish.
As an adult, I await crawfish season with elation. It’s not about the food.
Well, now it is about the food.
But most of all it’s about the excuse to get together with family and friends and maybe have a couple of cold ones as we talk about what’s been going on over the past months and who’s up to what.
And, you can pretty much bet there will be leftovers to take home after each get together.
There’s nothing better than spicy crawfish that have had a night to chill and soak up all those flavors.
Now the plan is to learn how to make them at home, an endeavor that will require a small investment. While I have some experience boiling crawfish from working at a local grocery store, their setup made the process a whole lot easier.
At that point, I can start inviting people over and sending leftovers home with them.

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