Threat of severe weather

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tuesday the populations in Pearl River and adjacent counties were abuzz with news that a major storm was going to pass through the region.
Some schools closed, while one remained open. County offices shuttered and even Stennis Space Center sent people home early. The governor of Mississippi also declared a state of emergency.
I can’t recall exactly, but about one or two decades ago so many severe storms in this area seemed rare. But within the past several years it seems that storm systems are becoming stronger, creating situations where mass media alerts are causing panic among viewers and readers.
It’s unclear if the number of storms is increasing, the technology used to identify such storms is becoming more accurate, or if the damage brought by the last couple of major hurricanes still has a strong place in our memories prompting society to focus more on the weather. No matter the reason, lately it just seems like there are stronger storms more often.
Severe weather is nothing to scoff at. It’s a good thing society has these early warning systems that provide people with enough time to find shelter when strong storm systems threaten Pearl River County.
So, what do you do when a strong storm is immenent? Here are some safety tips that may come in handy.
Move to an interior part of your home, particularly one with no windows and away from the exterior walls of the structure.
If you are outside when a storm strikes, seek shelter inside a strong structure. For residents of mobile homes, seek sturdy shelter. Keep battery powered televisions and radios handy to stay up to date with how the storm is progressing.
When a storm strikes while driving, pull off of the road to a safe place and park until the worst of the storm has passed. While doing so, keep windows closed and avoid touching metal surfaces in the vehicle in case of a lightening strike.

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